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Hello everyone! Long time no update!
... And this will be the same from now. I won't update my dA. I'm moving to tumblr, but since I've been here since a long time, I decided to not delete this account. My drawnings will be here, also I'll come up once or twice in a month.
Not like anyone's been really caring about my art. I'm not saying this because I want attention, I just know :)

I wanted to thank for everyone, who ever showed support on me. I'm not the best artist, and I won't be, but I really loved drawning. Lately, I'm really sceptic, and even bitter, so this basically effects my art style and type. It will fade away and maybe I'll get back my usual routine (but for that at least a  miracle needs to happen) and get back to work on my art.
Some events made me to the person who I am now, looking back to all the people who ever came and basically left my life, I realized that I didn't need them at all. There was a "really funny" comment under one of my previous journals (around last year's september maybe) and it made me laugh. Every people who "made me feel bad" makes me laugh so good. I grew up to be someone who just don't gives a fuck about other's shit anymore. Words can't hurt me anymore. People I don't like can hurt me. Idiots who are not even around me also can't.
But back to the original subject, it might happen that I sometime show up with a new picture, but my new sketchbook is a little big bigger than the previous one, I can't really scan my artworks in. Not because I'm lazy no exactly no
Until that, bye darlings! :wave:


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Hello there! I'm Gyöngyi, but if you would be so nice, just call me Molly.

I'm a really lazy and stuck-up person. Also overly attached and over reacting. I try to be at least a little bit original but I always fail so hard. I suck at talking about myself also, as you can see. I was born on 17th day of May, back in '96. I'm living in Budapest, wich is Hungary's capital city. I'm a student in a economics high school. I'm currently studying ecomomics (what a suprise) japanese and english (and ofc other boring stuff these are just my favorite) My hobbies include blogging justthinkingwithportals.tumblr… , drawning stuff, listening to music and writing. I have no exact taste in music, aka. I listen to literally the most random things. I love japanese culture, and yeah I have fav animes and I'm kawaii as hell. If you really REEEALLY want to talk to me, turn to my blog wich I mentioned before :) But I'm not going to chop your head off if you're asking me here, where to be honest, I rarely come. I might put up some drawnings here, not really sure, but hey, maybe one day. Also I forgot to mention that I'm in love with video games like: Devil May Cry, Assassin's Creed, Silent Hill, Portal and etc.

tl;dr: Hi my name is Molly and I came to fuck shit up.

Family:heart: 'cus everybody needs one.
Mom and my senseii: kame-KO:heart:
My sisters:Zs0kaaudelade:heart:
My daughtersShinachi:heart:

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